TOP Candidates

The Candidates for the Leader and Member seat are in.

Read below about the roles, and find out more about our nominees by clicking the buttons below.

Please make sure you read all the nominated candidates before casting your vote.

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What are the roles?

The Leader and the Member Representative are on TOP’s Board.

Being on TOP's Board means being at the table when decisions are made. You'll be making decisions about how TOP operates, markets policy and campaigns, and craft the vision that TOP needs going forward.

Member Representative

This role is to represent the members at a Board level - as voted in by members, you will be working and engaging to make sure their views, ideas and thoughts have a conduit to the Board - democracy in action.


The Parliamentary Leader of The Opportunities Party will be the voice of the Party. You’ll be actively enrolled in holding the Government of the day to account and communicating our policies and our values to the general public.

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